Week 9 – Math Carnage: Blood on the Pumpkin


Guess who was the only person to hurt themselves while carving pumpkins in class today?

We were using those pumpkin carving tools you get at Freddie Myers.  They are flimsy but are supposed to be impossible to hurt yourself with.  Ha!

After the kids estimated the number of seeds, counted them, did the math assignment, and composted the guts of the pumpkins, they were allowed to carve them.  I was helping a pair of them with the carving when I kept seeing this red stuff beading up on the design I was carving.  First I thought, did they use red ink to mark out the design?  Then I thought, did they put red on the inside as a joke?  Then I thought, “Why is this pumpkin bleeding!?”  And then I realized it was me.

I’d write more but I’m typing without my index fingers.  Yes, both index fingers.


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