Week 12 – The Aeneid, or Laundry?


So I spent my evening drawing a map of the travels of Aeneas.  To be honest, I went to the oracle (Google) and found a black line copy (or as close as I can get) of the Mediterranean.  I blew it up as big as possible on the photocopier, which resulted in less line and more smudge.  And that is why I am spending the evening before my family descends upon us for Thanksgiving, black Precise Grip pen in hand, copying over the map for my yahoots tomorrow.

I promised them a map for The Aeneid weeks ago, but something always seemed to get in the way.  Now that they have learned what happened to poor Queen Dido, have seen the nasty boxing match, and shot the dove, they need a map.  So, tomorrow, I will give them an 11 by 17 copy, and they will make a statement about each place Aeneas has landed so far in our reading.

The book they are reading is not actually Virgil’s “Aeneid”.  It is, in fact, The Aeneid for Boys and Girls by Alfred J. Church.  It was published in 1908, and this, I think, excuses him somewhat for the horribly pedantic title.  But the text is good.  The story is solid, and the students seem to really enjoy it.  Church tells the story chronologically.  However, I did have to have my students listen to Simon Callow’s reading of the original translated into English.  It simply makes my knees weak.  But, as much as I would love to have my students read it in its original verse (again, translated), I think we would lose them.  And, as I said, Church’s version is engaging.

So, for writing class tomorrow, we will review the story by way of the map.  They had better appreciate the fact that I’m preparing for them instead of folding clothes.
My family will probably understand.



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