Week 24- Student Narrative Essays : A New Home


Student A:

A New Home

            It was happening. I was going up to Seattle for what I thought would be the last time; I was leaving my old house for the last time. I leaned back on the warm leather seats of my moms Volvo S-60. We were moving up to Seattle because of my moms’ job and I might add that I wasn’t very happy about it. As we turned on to the free way, I thought about what had happened in the time before now and tried to remember what had started in the May of 2009 and had continued ever since.

It was May, the birds were chirping, the flowers were blooming, and school was winding down. I had just gotten home from school and was sitting in my room with the windows open when my mom came in.  It was right there and then that she told me that we might need to move. I didn’t really take it in, I figured that it was just one of those things that would blow over eventually. But about three weeks later, I found out that she wasn’t kidding. This time we were eating dinner. I can’t quite remember how she told me, but I’m pretty sure she said that she had looked for another job but she couldn’t keep telecommuting, and we had to move.

We waited a few weeks, then the day came when I had to pack my first box. What happened was, mom handed me a box and told me to go upstairs and pack it. When I got upstairs, I started to put stuff in. After the box was full, I closed it and brought it downstairs. Over time we packed more boxes and made trips up to Seattle and back, then the great day came and we left for the last time.



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