Week 24- A Final Student-Written Narrative Essay


Student D- No title

If you have switched to a lot of different schools like me, you would have experienced a lot of different feelings and emotions. So let get started with the story shall we? When I was in second grade at a school called U- something, I learned about friends and friendship really works. I made some really good friends there like Max, Marcus, and Finn. When I got older I had to switch schools suddenly and I was sad and very annoyed. As it came to my last days of school I was sad to leave my friends that early and I learned to make friends where ever I go.

In John Standford, we had a lot of kids in the class and some people were good and some were bad at the subjects. Me I was bad a writing. But in everything else I was fine. In History class we were doing a group project. It was horrible. As far as I could tell everything went wrong. I was going around the table trying to help everybody, but all they did was turn to a neighboring table and start blabbing away. So by the end of the day I basically had the most stuff done when everybody else was still way behind schedule. In that school I learned to pull for myself and for my groups weight. That means when everything is chaos somebody had to pull the reins on the horse and that somebody was me.

In swim practice the coach is always frustrated. No matter what you do, he will always be angry or annoyed at somebody. But, sometimes he is very happy. One day after a meet (a day when 2 teams or more race against each other) he was in a terrible mood I thought he was angry with me because during the meet I did not do so well. I found out it was Jimmy who was in trouble. Really Jimmy did great at the meet. I could not see why Coach would be so mad at Jimmy. But after practice coach called Jimmy over. I and the rest of the boys went to our lockers and began to worry about Jimmy because he is fun to talk to. Later we heard Jimmy come back crying. We all tried to comfort him but really he was so upset that he kept on hitting the locker so I sat down with him and talked about things over, and I helped him feel better. I learned that when a friend is sad or angry it’s a good thing to sit down and talk and cool them down otherwise they stay unhappy for a while.

Another one of my swim buddies got upset with the coach, too. Actually not upset but furious at the Couch. Coach got mad at my buddy “Ricky” for not making the first breast stroke time. Coach decided that Ricky was fooling around and said he was so slow and needed to go faster. Ricky was so angry he screamed, “I don’t really care.” (FYI: I have left all the bad stuff he said)You have to understand Ricky to understand why he did this. He has gone through a lot more than you think so be careful on how you judge these people.) After practice Coach called Ricky over and as everybody was going to the locker rooms, coach yelled at Ricky so loudly that it echoed. In the locker room it was worse. Ricky was screaming and yelling and cursing. We had to hold him still otherwise he was going to go berserk. We helped him any way we could; I walked out with him and made sure he was fine.

I have learned a lot traveling places and learning about other people and how they react. I hope in the real world you will use the things to become a good person on the inside and out.


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