Week 34 – My Students are Brilliant


So there.

I just finished grading my students’ Humanities papers.  I can’t believe the work they’ve done.  Their papers are thoughtful, insightful, and mostly grammatical.  They have each grown along a trajectory that is uniquely their own.  After I hand their papers back, I will put several final drafts up with their permission.

We only have 21 work days left until the end of the year (not that I’m counting), but I feel that I’ve been especially blessed to have such solid group of students when I’m in my last year of (teaching) middle school.

And I think it really is.  I signed up for the first class of the doctoral degree.  It starts a month after school lets out.  When I was on campus turning in paperwork and asking lots of ridiculous questions, I couldn’t help being giddy.  I love teaching, and I love my students, but I know that where I really want to be is on a college campus as either a student or a professor or both.

I know that being a classroom teacher is what has motivated me to move forward with this decision.  It’s yahoots like the ones I have now, and the ones I’ve had before who make me face up to this “life-long learner” business.  I want to know more, and I want to help others know more.  I owe a pretty big debt of gratitude to the years and years of students, parents, and co-workers who have made me understand the importance of being honest to yourself.  And honestly, I’m ready to move on.

But before I do, I’d like to officially thank my students.  You’ve made me most of who I am today.

Thank you.


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